18 November 2015

We're Lounging

The two "boys" resting after a hard day of... OK, not a hard day just resting. Written from an old Bob Marley song "We're Jamming."

Names? Cat is Horus, named after the Egyptian god who is the eye of RA and the dog is Tango after the Polynesian god of the underworld.

Oh yes, we’re lounging
what are you gonna do
we’re lounging
you can lounge with us too

there are certainly no rules
we’ll gladly sacrifice
everyday we’ll pay the price
lounging till our lounge is through

Oh yes, we’re lounging
thinking that lounging
was a thing of the past
praying that our lounge will last

no one can stop us now
with a blanket… we can’t be sold
we’ll defend our right… we will unite
this bed is worth more then gold

Oh yes, we’re lounging
we’re lounging in the name of restfulness
we’re lounging…
and feeling oh so blest

yeah, we’re lounging
we really want to lounge with you
come on and lounge
we know you’ll like lounging too

lounging is our pride
this truth we will not hide
it’s a love we can’t resist
so lounge by our side

we hope you like a lounging too
then we can lounge
the whole day through…

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