18 November 2015

Dreams of a Haunted House

This was an actual dream that I constantly had, a couple of times a week for well over three years.  It really shocked me and surprised me that the dream ended when I got a divorce...

buried in the dreams of a haunted house
is a reality not yet understood
within it lies a comfort zone
where one simple rule exists
stay away from that one room
seeing one person… in that one room
brings a temptation to venture in
comfort leaves… a pressure builds
evil is felt but not seen

a room without dust… immaculate
perfect to the naked eye
but a presence can’t be denied
everyone knows it is there
but that one room attracts its prey
to unknown and unseen fears

friends and lovers become enemies
in that one room… rage comes alive
but leaving can’t be done by oneself
yet… two won’t leave together
in the dreams of this haunted house
lie many secrets…
neighbors visit and can come and go…
still… they never know
about that one room

secrets remain hidden in that room
that perfect pristine room
where glass is felt but not seen
and evil thrives...
in the secrecy of children
even children 50 years old

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