18 November 2015

Living? In isolation

Have you ever noticed in a hot barren land some things can grow? Like the weed in the picture above. Just wishing it could be nourished and some one recognizing its beauty. For the alcoholic it is very similar. Quit being isolated and start living. Let yourself grow!

 repeatedly sprayed… marked for death
but its resilience and stubbornness
keep it alive in a hostile environment
frozen in ice… melted with salt
then frozen again

blasted with intense heat
a little crack provides life sustaining
ran over by little foreign cars
and monster trucks
unable to grow… unable to multiply
it thrives in its isolation

a rich beautiful green
on its own island… of… nothing
where many would wilt… dry up and die
it stands tall forever hoping
for a better life
yet… fully accepting
that this life is…
what you make of it

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