17 November 2015

Shadows of the Past

If not careful, a dysfunctional past has a way of destroying the present. It's easier said then done, but sometimes you just need to "Let Go and Let God..."

asking for forgiveness from you
yet I can't forgive myself
no matter how much goodness comes
the past rips my body in two

some days I can feel His Grace
and wonder if things will be better
maybe forgiveness has been accepted
then shame returns filled with disgrace

the past haunts me
it denies me of happiness
just want a little peace
God please set me free

hidden in the silence of fear
a boy dies a little each day
secrets you'll never understand
just spitting in the mirror

don't guess or even judge
I've judged myself enough
creating a lifetime sentence
forever holding a grudge

suicide is not the way
but death becomes worshiped
dreaming of a future
where the past doesn't have a say

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