17 November 2015

A Victim's Promise

days offer no solace
nights bring no relief
depressed by lies
cold shoulders from stories told

promises made but never kept
in a house of babble
words have no meaning
illusions perceived
as ultimate truths

reality is real
leave the high horse
no need to build up
something that doesn't exist

fueled by insecurity
looking for comfort
from a pat on the back
and an unseen imagine in a mirror

driving people insane
by games played and hearts broken
kicking them aside
like yesterday's garbage

justification comes
by the role of the victim
one heart may be healed
while dozens are destroyed

manipulative games
created from dysfunctional needs
so much energy wasted
in a hell self-created

a victim, a martyr
a toxic life
where escape is possible
bud sadly ...
not requested

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