17 November 2015

Forgiving... to forget

An important part of recovery is the ability to forgive. We ask for forgiveness from others for the wrongs we have done. But forgiveness is more then asking. It is also about receiving. For recovery to work, we need to learn to forgive ourselves. When that happens, the road to recovery is a lot easier.

walking through life
feeling no pain
killed many years ago
can’t cry… can’t smile
a zombie… accepting fate
occasional illusions
fantasizing about change

chasing relationships
wondering about love
yet… know to well
feelings of hate
it’s in a mirror
that reality sets in
no winners… nor losers

a robot that bleeds
buried inside… a child
wanting a hug
needing to be understood
energy is spent
efforts to try… gone
just waiting

waiting… for a Promise
where life is rewarded
with warmth… comfort
peace… and love
then a zombie
will smile… will cry
and realize that…
the reality was an illusion

and a child will emerge
ready to experience
Life… for the first time
and understand…
forgiveness… helps to forget

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