27 November 2015


How do we measure success?

Is success, who we are,
Or what we do?
Is success, how much we make,
Or what we drive?
Is success, conquering illness,
Or where we live?
Can success by found on spreadsheets,
Or the scorecard of our life?

Are we successful,
If our destination doesn't arrive?
Can't we succeed,
Just because of the journey?
Are we successful,
If we don't achieve perfection?
Can't we succeed,
Just with our progress?
Are we successful,
If we don't don't reach our goal?
Can't we succeed,
Just because of our effort?

Success... making our children,
Safer, wiser, and healthier!
Success... always enjoying,
The company of your spouse!
Success... to find peace,
Not just yourself, but with others!
Success... to know Love,
Sharing it with everyone you meet!
Success... to know powerlessness,
Having gratitude, for the gifts shared!

Success... not for what you have,
Or for what you got.
Success... for who you are,
And for what you gave!
Success... not for the life we have,
But rather, for the life we live!

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