27 November 2015

Counting Beans By A Timeclock

Depression, setting in on a Friday afternoon, waiting for a timeclock, that won't move. Written over my lunch break (bored silly)

 Steering wheel, perfect little table.
Scribble a word or two.
Change thoughts,
Grab my sandwich,
From the passenger seat.
Look around,
Ladies at picnic tables.
Others scurrying around the lot.

A race that never ends.
A race against time.
One final bite.
One final swallow.
The quiet,
Back to work.

No career, or future.
Time clock, runs the show.
A bean counter,
Checks every tick,
Counts every tock.
So focused!
Nothing, else matters.
It knows when you come.
The card, shows when you go.
Proof - time clock.
Control - time card.
Thought - none!

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