27 November 2015

Untold Heroes

Through my journey of life I have come to understand and sometimes regret the celebrations that North Americans have.  One of them is Columbus Day.  This is a celebration built upon the pain of another nation - The Native Americans.

Heroes of a nation,
We didn't know.
Tried to bury their stories,
On the back pages,
Of a history book...
They were just savages,
Didn't need a second look.

Really - spiritual men,
Brought to war,
Lost their land,
Wouldn't take it no more!

Their way of life,
They fought to save.
Near the end,
Full of anger and rage!
Lied to, with treaties they signed.
White men treated them,
Like they were dumb and blind.

Finally, they'd be pushed no more,
They'd fight - to even the score!
Little Big Horn is where they'd unite.
A young nation was awoke,
Full of fear, they'd show the Injun,
All their might!
No more - would a peace pipe be smoked.

What happened at Wounded Knee?
It took a century, but now we see.
They weren't savages, just men,
Protecting their home!
Wakan Tanka, gave them land,
To be free.
Gave them visions,
Buffalo and family,
Is who they'd see.
Now we see their pride,
For the Indian, there was honor,
In the way they died.

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