07 November 2015

Reality Is OK

A poem I wrote in 2009.  Reality at times can really bite... but it is real. Not distorted through a glass of alcohol.

I was abused
and you pleaded ignorance
I cried
and was told to grow up
locked myself in a room
and you were happy

left the trauma of childhood behind
but the pain followed
stayed drunk... stayed numb
found drugs... became whole again
pot... hash... cocaine... heroin...
meth... PCP... LSD...

and then...
abuse became self-inflicted
pain was replaced with anger
trauma... with rage
lost my soul
and stole yours

maybe suicide
is the solution...
no pain... no memories
eternally numb
no longer fighting myself
a nightmare life... over

but then... I took a deep breathe
and dreamed of peace and serenity
threw away the needles
and put down the bottle
and prayed for strength and courage

on my knees
I got stronger
with every step
a promise was fulfilled
and for the first time
reality felt OK

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