07 November 2015

Forgiveness Through Him

True forgiveness can not take place for a victim until they can find a part in them to forgive their perpetrator. 

 the skies split the clouds
and the heavens were before me
awed... speechless...
standing... then kneeling
my life past before me
both good times and bad

I begged to be forgiven
for my anger... my rage
the way I kept score
storing away resentments
like prized possessions
please... forgive me

from the heavens... He came
I bowed my head
not worthy... to be in His presence
I gazed at His sandaled feet
waiting for justice... to be served
waiting... waiting

He finally spoke
and I remembered the words
"It is better to forgive...
then to be forgiven."
He spoke of letting go
and to trust His wisdom

the past... he said...
is just that... the past
having no place in my heart
anger... I was told
kept us from connecting
in a way He wished

after His talk
my soul came alive
and I cried tears of freedom
letting go of the anger... the past
filled me with compassion
and love... His Love

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