02 November 2015


The poem "Centerness" hits on the idea that there is a fine line between genius and insanity.

A quote which I believe came from Albert Einstein describes insanity quite well. And that is "trying the same thing over and over again looking for a different answer."

I believe that every alcoholic and addict will say that this definition is right on.

a world gone crazy
and I played along
got out of myself
fell away from the center
things beyond my power
I tried to control
banged my head
against an immovable force
new plans... new ideas
tried and tried again
turned black and blue
so busy... couldn't think
I sat down... eyeing that force
could it be scaled
or... dug under
what would it take to be in control
then... a revelation
I sat down... and was still
and saw the beauty of the force
and together we were divine

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