27 March 2014

The Universal Law of Here and Now

The Universal Law of Here and Now states that our tendency to cling to the past and grasp for the future is just an erroneous preoccupation with the idea of linear time. To live life to the fullest we need to focus on moment to moment events.

The thing that I have enjoyed with looking at the Laws of the Universe is how well they go with 12 Step recovery.

We can destroy our spiritual happiness in the here and now by looking to the future. The future is just that – the future. By looking at it, by making plans for it, we make it harder to achieve. We don't let the Universe take care of these things and by planning it we put roadblocks in the way, making the future harder to achieve.

An example. Let's say I want to move to England. I make all these long range plans on how to get there and by visualizing these dreams, I am not enjoying the present... I'm not living in the here and the now. A simple fact is that if I want to move to England all I can do is stay employed and save every penny I can to make the move possible.

I won't make plans for visas or places to live until that “here and now” IS here and now. And when that time comes I will know it. It isn't going to happen in a certain time frame. It may not be in a year or five years, yet it could be tomorrow.

I don't mean for that to sound “flighty” but rather just realizing that putting things in a physical time frame destroys what is going on right now.

Let's say, I want to make this move in five years. One year passes and I'm down to four and really nowhere closer then I was a year ago. Another year passes, I'm almost at the halfway mark to the goal (time line) I set and I'm still not close at all.

Now I'm starting to get frustrated and edgy. I'm short with people around me and the move to England is consuming every thought I have. The “here and now” is gone and even the future isn't looking to bright either.

Living in the past can fill us with shame, while living in the future can fill us with frustration. Neither one can replace the here and now. It's stress free and it's full of gratitude. The simple things can be the most rewarding on our journey to become who we are meant to be.

Make the here and now a spiritual adventure and you will see the beauty which surrounds you every moment of every day...

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