29 March 2014

Desperation No More

The Universal Law of Here and Now states that our tendency to cling to the past and grasp for the future is just an erroneous preoccupation with the idea of linear time. To live life to the fullest we need to focus on moment to moment events.

Desperation No More

Clinging to a past best forgotten
yet it becomes part of the being
regrets and shame fill the air
memories of nightmares steal the day

no here... no now
just a past that won't let go
a past that steals the present
a present with no future

it's not a priceless gem
let it go... make it homeless
a past best left for dead
it has no place in the here and now

the sun rises... bringing warmth
the soul becomes one with the Universe
and the here and the now
is accepting and peaceful

with each passing moment
the past floats away
not forgotten... just not obsessed
and the day is loving

so enjoyable and stress free
this here and now is sanctuary
no need for the future
that will take care of itself

just for today... enjoy the here
just for today... enjoy the now
it's only here once in our lifetime
savor it

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