04 March 2014

No regrets?

I have recently read about a former Christian athlete who has recently 'lost his faith'. He says of his former  beliefs... 

 'I think I was probably quite narrow-minded and fundamental in my views and a bit of a scary person. 'I believed that what I believed was the truth. Some of those extremes I feel slightly embarrassed about now, but overall no regrets.'

I too have recently distanced myself, not from God as I understand Him, but from a Bible study group.


It is not helpful when you are caring for somebody with a terminal illness who is not a Believer,  to be told by 'Believers' , and I quote...

"There's still time".

"Time for what?"

"Time for him to be saved".

"Oh yes the Doctors are doing all they can, he is getting wonderful care".

"Oh no, I mean saved" 

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"To find God and to become a believer"

"Oh I see... and if he doesn't?"

"Well...er...erm..."  (here put in any reply  from the confusing to the downright insensitively distressing)

I  believe in God but let me make it  very clear that any God who demanded 'I believed and followed him or else?' would not be a god I would want. I would sooner travel alone. My God is not a bully.

In relation to the athlete who has now relinquished his faith, 'no regrets overall' ? 
A self inventory may expose some people you have unintentionally hurt with your views...no regrets?

Thank God for AA, Alanon & Acoa.

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