02 November 2013

The Law on Intensity

The Law of Intensity states that the more focused our directedness toward a desired reality, the more likely it is to be actualized.

I agree with this law, yet I do think that it can backfire on a person if they are not careful. I do believe that if I focus on a dream of mine, it will become a reality. The dream is the goal. Four years ago I had a dream to visit England. I had no idea how to make that dream a reality... yet I just kept dreaming it.

I dreamed about what I needed to do to make it a reality. I had to get a passport, which meant I had to get a certified birth certificate. I had to get time off from work and I had to make plane reservations.

I had no plans on how to make the dream a reality... I just kept dreaming it. The more I dreamed about it, the more I felt myself on that plane, the more real the dream became.

I don't know exactly how I found it.. a site to help me retrieve my birth certificate. I filled out the forms and the info I knew, made my payment and hit the 'enter' key. Step one was done and quickly forgotten.

About a month later, I found a site about what I needed to do to get my passport and the first thing mentioned was my birth certificate. I had forgotten all about that. Yet, it was perfect that I hadn't thought about that... I just kept dreaming my dream. The next day, my birth certificate arrived and the second step of making my dream a reality started to come into view.

Everything with that first journey was that way. I had no concrete plans on how to make the dream a reality. Yet, I believed in that dream so deeply that it had to become a reality. It became a reality with no set plans. It was through the intensity of a dream that it became a reality.

Don't ever let the intensity of your dreams fade. It was Jesse Jackson who once spoke at the Democratic National Convention, “Never forget your dreams... we must live in reality, but never forget your dreams.”

The more alive you can keep your dreams, the easier it is for them to become reality...

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