03 November 2013

Dreams Of England

The Law of Intensity states that the more focused our directedness toward a desired reality, the more likely it is to be actualized.
I agree with this law, yet I do think that it can backfire on a person if they are not careful. I do believe that if I focus on a dream of mine, it will become a reality. The dream is the goal. Four years ago I had a dream to visit England. I had no idea how to make that dream a reality... yet I just kept dreaming it.

Dreams of England is about the journey I took to get to England for the first time.  The thing that I will never forget is that the journey was never planned, I just kind of fell into the flow of the Universe and slowly, step by step the dream of England became the reality of England.

The photo above was taken at Albert Dock in Liverpool...

Dreams of England

A dark lonely room
the only light shines from the computer screen
I stare at questions and rules
is it really happening?
A life of nightmares and missed chances
I tap a few keys... date of birth entered
I remove my glasses and rub my eyes
a dream begins to come alive

Pausing... I look out the window
the full moon adds to the light in the room
the clock says midnight
my mind drifts... to another time
a time in the future
the clock I see says 6 AM
reality the clock is in America
dreams put the clock in England

turning back to the screen
place of birth... tap tap tap
fathers name... then mothers maiden name
more keys tapped
stare back out the window
I notice the blinking lights of a plane
soon... very soon... I'll be crossing the sky
back to the screen... it will become real

I hit the enter key one final time
now I'll wait for my passport
and as I wait... I'll dream some more
I'll look at flights... Chicago... then Frankfurt
leave in the evening... watch the sunset
arrive in Manchester... watching the sunrise
stepping foot on a foreign land
yet... feel totally at home

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