29 September 2013

Love Lori !

Do you  ever  get  the feeling  that bashing your head against a brick wall would be less painful  and more productive than communicating with some people?
Ever just want to SCREAM???

OK Snowie! No need to shout!

Less and less these days I feel that way, I am now more inclined to just shake my head and smile in bemusement!  - uses less of my energy!!!

This excerpt taken from the wonderful Lori Gottlieb's  ' Stick Figure - a diary of my former self' p135 describes perfectly how I  feel.  A psychiatrist (Dr Gold) has been attempting to explain to Gottlieb & her family how to better communicate with each other and to practice it at home.

On arriving home...

The minute I walked into the kitchen, Mom said how much she liked Dr Gold. You could tell she was madly in love with him, and she was pretty  excited about communicating, too."You know Lori, I've been meaning to tell you something  for a long  time," she said. "It's about your hair". It really needs work. Your layers are all grown out and you'd look just adorable with some wispy layers, especially around your face". Then she turned to Dad and said " I love communicating ".   I hate Dr. Gold. 

I told Mum that Dr Gold wanted us to say how we feel about ourselves, not about everyone else. That's why he spent all that time teaching us how to use "I feel" statements. "Okay, fine," Mom said.  "I feel that your hair needs work. I'm just telling you how I feel."   Like I said, Mom always misses the point. "

Sweet Blessings, til next time!

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  1. Love it... how very true it all is... some folks just will never "get it"

    Years ago I ended a friendship/relationship because this person was so self-absorb nothing else mattered.

    About a month after the end of our friendship I received a letter from this person starting out how sad it was that our friendship ended and that they understood my reasons.

    However, with in a paragraph, we were entirely back to talking about this person... it was a very sick codependent relationship...

    Some folks think they know what is best for us whether we want it or not, instead of just sharing their experiences with us...

    Thanks for the share Snowie...