28 September 2013

A Gift For Life

The Law of Choice says that we have free-will and choice, we are never powerless, we can change our perception of people, places, and things...

A Gift For Life

I have the choice to say no
I have the choice to say yes
it is my choice
I have a choice to smile
or to ignore and forget

the choice to view others
friend or foe
he isn't really obnoxious
yes... his view is different
I can chose to listen... or walk away

is the sky blue or green
it's my choice... it's my color
and love?  It's a choice... not a feeling
today I chose to love
starting by loving oneself

I chose love over alcohol
I chose serenity over insanity
I chose dreams over nightmares
I chose love over death
and I chose to call my Higher Power... Love

this freedom of choice
what a wonderful gift
a gift for life...

1 comment:

  1. beautiful Dave ...and so true. I recall Viktor Frankl's words on being held captive as a prisoner of war - they may have taken/ robbed him of everything, but he held on to one last freedom - the freedom to hang on to his own freedom of thinking. That freedom he vowed he would never give them. An incredible man.