29 August 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude

The Law of Attitude states that it is our outlook that determines whether we have a problem or not...

Attitude is the reason for peace and happiness or uncertainty and confusion... the choice is ours.

An Attitude of Gratitude

my shoestring broke... so frustrating
then I saw a man with no feet
he seemed happy and at peace
I was grateful for the both of us

my car broke down and I had to walk
then I saw a lady in a wheelchair
she had a beautiful smile
it was contagious

I smiled and felt relaxed
happy to have a home
maybe it was small and not the best
yet... it was still home

I was grateful for a job
not always fulfilling
yet... it paid the bills
it brought me dreams

I was thankful for my mind
after years of abuse
still able to think
a journey full of hopes

that attitude of anger has disappeared
the bitterness and frustration also gone
replaced with gratitude
thankful for what I have
as well as what I don't

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