28 August 2013

The Law of Attitude

The Law of Attitude states that it is our outlook that determines whether we have a problem or not...


Our outlook determines our lives.  And our lives are determined by our attitude.  As I begin to type out my thoughts on this Law, my mind visualizes a few people I know who are on the extreme ends of the attitude spectrum.

First, a person who has everything any person could imagine and than some, yet they have no happiness... no peace.  A house that is in perfect shape.  Perfect floors.  Perfect windows.  A perfect driveway with no oil stains and no cracks.  A huge TV and a weed free lawn.  A marriage that has lasted over 40 years and to the outside world... a very happy and loving home.

Yet, to really know this person... you would see the anger and the cynical beliefs he carries with him.  You would see an attitude of a bully.  An attitude that his way is the correct way and there isn't any room for compromise.

While this person has everything, he also has nothing.  He has no value that others are different... not better or worse... just different.  There is no gray area with this person.  He can't perceive that someone can be happy without owning a fancy car or having all these worldly possessions.  

He can't understand how anyone can find enjoyment by traveling, whether it is in the state, the country, or the world.  It isn't that he doesn't understand, he doesn't want to take the time to understand.  I've shared my joy with traveling to England with this person and was told how they like traveling by car so they can see everything.  Yet, his last vacation he drove all night (8 hours) and got back home at 5 AM.  Now did you really see much traveling late at night?

The second person, lives in a small apartment.  The material person would say this person is very poor.  The place where they live is furnished... they own very little, the clothes on their back, a computer, and very little else.  Yet, this person has an attitude of fullness.

They have more then they could ever imagine.  They enjoy their privacy, yet are quick to listen to others, with their helpful loving smile.  They will go on a vacation and truly enjoy it.  They will cherish every moment of it and realize it will never take place again.

For as little as they have, they have more then that first person could ever imagine.  They have peace and serenity.  They have no worries because they own so little.

It isn't that this person wouldn't like a bit more comfort, but they realize it will come in time.  They also realize that if they fall into that “pity pot” of wishing they had it now, they might lose it all.  They are happy and content with what they have right now.

It is this wonderful attitude of gratitude which makes the world such a loving and caring place to be.  Don't be angry or envious with what you don't have, instead be grateful for what you do have...

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