22 April 2013

The Law of Altruism

The Law of Altruism states that the more we give, the greater is the increased flow of energy and the more we receive back.

I know in theory this is true yet, from my past I can think of numerous times where I gave and gave and gave until I had nothing left to give and I received little or nothing in return.

I have a good illustration to show how this should work. Imagine that you have this bucket inside of you and it is filled with water. Every time you give something you take that glass a dip it into your bucket of water and give it away.

Every time you give, your bucket loses more and more water from it. If that water isn't replaced your bucket will eventually run dry. When your bucket runs dry, in my opinion and some experience, you become depressed and spiritually dead.

If you give something away, you need to have that water in your bucket replaced. In theory, that bucket should be overflowing. You should have so much water that by giving one glass away, you get a glass in return.

That may sound like keeping score. It truly is not that way at all. I'm not necessarily talking about receiving something back from another person. We get things back from the Universe and from our Higher Power.

In my former marriage I gave to my ex-wife. I gave to my step-children. What the world saw was that I was giving and got nothing in return. I don't mean to sound bitter. I just want to make a point with this situation.

I got to a point that every night I went to bed I prayed that I would die in my sleep. I was depressed and spiritually dead. It was wrong of me to expect anybody to give me what I needed. People give because they are spiritually centered and at peace with the Universe.

I had no energy to protect myself because I had no spiritual life. I had lost my Higher Power. Looking back at it, I was so lost that even my bed time pleadings for death were said to no one.

Today, I can give and look for nothing in return. I have given to the Salvation Army for Christmas gifts, I have given to step-children at Christmas as well, and look for nothing in return because I now have my Higher Power keeping my bucket filled. In fact, my bucket is overflowing.

If we have a close and healthy relationship with our Higher Power, we give without really knowing how much we have gave...

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