25 April 2013

Getting Stronger Everyday

The Law of Altruism states that the more we give, the greater is the increased flow of energy and the more we receive back...

Growing Stronger Everyday

opening eyes to the morning sun
the body feeling its warmth
filling the soul with Love
given another day
to experience the beauty of it all

breakfast... coffee...
out the door and into the world
birds sing a morning lullaby
every step a new creation
an adventure for one

morning greetings with a smile
dew on shrubs and fresh air
the neighbors cat says hello
bend down... pet its soft fur
the smile gets a little bigger

it seems the same as yesterday
yet... it's new... it's a gift
kids walking to school
parents going to work
gifts of education... employment

never taken for granted
gifts received... now time to give
a “good morning” to a friend
a “thank you” to the cashier
simple things sharing the Love

don't have to give money
don't have to give material
just a little bit of what's inside
it won't be lost...
it will grow... stronger everyday

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