29 September 2012

I've Allowed It

The Fifteenth Law of the Universe is The Law of Benevolence which states that the universe bends in our direction, it is for us and never against us.  It suggests that the best will find us if we allow it.

Sabotage.  The worst enemy a person can have.  The Law of Benevolence tells me that the best awaits me and I believe that... yet whenever I have the best... I found ways to sabotage it... to destroy it or push it away.

I've Allowed It

I've allowed dysfunction to run my life
though... I never admitted it
my middle name was insanity
yet... I never accepted it
I was killing myself
although I never saw it

I needed a companion to feel whole
what I needed wasn't what I wanted
I needed money to feel complete
yet... bills overwhelmed me
I needed to feel wanted
and I wanted to never feel needed

no more needs... not even wants
an acceptance that the best is yet to come
images of a future
still blurry... but it's there
it isn't built with bricks and mortar
it's the excellence that's all around me

it's a bird perched on my window sill
it's a cloud drifting through the sky
it's a respect built from past fears
it's a cigarette no longer lit
it's a bottle beer no longer opened
and I've allowed it

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