28 October 2012

The Law of Synchronicity

The Law of Synchronicity states that the Universe provides us with meaningful coincidences to indicate whether or not we are in harmony with its flow of energy.

I stumbled upon The Laws of the Universe about 15 years ago and it was this law that peaked my interest. To me, this is very much Higher Power stuff. And it also goes with a couple of sentences from The Big Book, "Although financial recovery is on the way for many of us, we found we could not place money first. For us, material well-being always followed spiritual progress; it never preceded."

This Law has been my life in recovery. When I think and strive for the spiritual my growth seems to know no bounds. When I get lost it is when I worry about money and all the material things that come with it.

Yes, I know for me to live a comfortable life I need money, but I don't need to obsess about it either. I have been homeless, not a penny to my name, and at that time I didn't concern myself with money. My only concern was survival.

While that survival at times was primitive, it was still very spiritual. My life revolve around survival and yet it was filled with hope and faith that tomorrow good things would arrive. Those good things? A warm bed, clean clothes, a hot bath, and a meal to fill my tummy. None of the good things involved a job or a home or even companionship. At that time, I had no need for a job or a home because I had no money.

A warm bed? Clean clothes? A hot bath and a good meal? Pure Heaven that money never could have brought me.

Spirituality puts us at one with the Universe. Whether we are homeless or traveling around the world. Money can make us spiritually stronger... if that money comes from the flow of energy.

I can make money at a 40 hour a week job and buy stereos and TVs and fancy cars. All very materialistic and self-defeating to the flow of energy. And the more I acquire, the more I want and the more I want, the more money I will need.

Recently, I paid the last bill from a financial nightmare that took me three years to realize that the money I owed was on possessions I no longer have.

Every time I made a payment though, I felt better then before. I was getting back to the spiritual side of life. I realize now that the more I owned, the more I was owned.

I continue to throw away the material and find more coincidences which let me know that The Law of Synchronicity is alive and well within me.

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