01 August 2012

It's Not An Illusion

The Law of Visualization/Imagination states that what we picture for ourselves as being true in the current moment is true as far as our subconscious mind is concerned.

It's Not An Illusion

It's not an illusion
it's not a fantasy
it's a dream
a powerful dream

to have peace of mind
to find true love
to witness the beauty of a sunrise
and share the comfort of a sunset

to fly in a plane
crossing the sea
walking up a hill while holding hands
the cool air having no effect on our souls

realizing that all I need
I already have
simple things that money can't buy
a bond with a kindred spirit

visualizing a smile
that lets me know I'm loved
not for what I may be
but rather for who I am

it's not an illusion
nor is it a fantasy
it's a dream
destined to become reality

I feel it and I see it
a new chapter... a new song
can you see it?
Imagine it... so beautiful

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