31 July 2012

The Law of Visualization

The Law of Visualization/Imagination states that what we picture for ourselves as being true in the current moment is true as far as our subconscious mind is concerned.

 I never knew this was a Law of the Universe, I just assumed it was dreamed up as a “feel good” process for those trying to find a better way... a better life.

Not that I don't believe the Law, in fact just the opposite. I try to live this Law everyday of my life. I believe in the power of dreams. I believe we have the power to make our dreams reality if it is what we want. The only thing that gets in our way with making our dreams a reality are the plans we make to reach our goals.

Don't worry about the plan... just focus on the dream and it will come true. Our subconscious is powerful enough to make it reality without any plans.

Years ago, I had a dream to write a book. I had no plans... just a dream. Now I have written three books.

After getting involved with writing poetry, I had a dream of having some of my poems turned into songs. I had absolutely no plan on how to make it happen, but the dream stayed with me. In a round about way, this dream lead me to an adventure where I hadn't really thought about the dream. I went on an adventure to England and became friends with people in the music industry. I shared my dream with these folks and they made it a reality. It wasn't planned... it just happened.

Everything I dream is true.

The thing with dreams though is that sometimes they can start out as a nightmare. An example would be when I was growing up. When I reached my teenage years and began to find the comfort of alcohol, I couldn't wait till I turned 18. The reason was because I could legally sit in a bar and drink alcohol. I still remember that first night.

Down to the local bar I went, with my drivers license as proof of my age. I sat at the bar and ordered my first legal frosty mug of beer. Little did I know that this dream of turning 18 would lead me down a road of destruction.

But even the nightmares can be turned back into dreams. Once again, I am dreaming of 18. This September I will celebrate 18 years of sobriety. What I dreamed originally with 18 was the ability to legally drink. Now I dream of 18 as living proof that miracles can happen. And I thank my Higher Power everyday for a second chance to find new dreams and to watch the miracle of those dreams becoming a reality.

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