01 August 2012

Being taken for granted

I was reminded a couple of weeks ago about an event from my past that I thought I had moved on from. What reminded me of the event was an invitation I received. You know the type of invitations – fancy ones that need to be told over four or five separate pages.

It goes into detail about what will happen the first night, then the second and so on. I read the invitation with some interest. Originally, when I heard of this event I was planning on attending. And even though other commitments I made had priority, I still was considering going.

That is until I got to the third page. On it, was the plans to start the last day, which of course included a breakfast. The breakfast then had below it, “To be hosted by Mr and Mrs John Doe.” That was it, I wasn't going to be attending.

The reason occurred over five years. I know, a long time to hold a resentment. But I wonder is it really a resentment? I hadn't thought about it until I saw Mr and Mrs John Doe's names. What happened?

Like I said, it happened over five years ago. I went on a cross country vacation with my ex-wife and looked up old family and friends. Folks knew we were coming but we still phoned everyone as we got closer.

As we started to head back to the Midwest, I still had one contact whom I wanted to see. Amazingly, it was over 25 years since we were in the same room or breathe the same air. I called and got to talk for a little bit but a business meeting was to take place the next morning and it really wasn't going to happen. So we had a reunion on the phone and said our good-byes.

Riding home on the Interstate, I had time to remember our vacation with good thoughts. As my ex-wife slept, my attention drifted further to that phone call and began to feel a sense of not being worthy.

It was because of a couple of sentences this person said. He said, that him and his wife often rode past my exit on the Interstate and thought about stopping by and having a more personal reunion. But they were always racing against time and it wasn't worth it.

So time with me was worth less to them then where they were going. I was worth-less to them. I was worthless. That was the message I received.

When I got back home I realized that what we had over 25 years ago was worthless and our relationship in today's world was just as worthless. I don't say this as a victim but rather just as a point of acceptance. No hard feelings or anything else. In fact, no feelings at all.

At least I thought that was the case until I saw their names on that invitation.

One of the worst things I believe one human being can do to another is take them for granted. I felt like I was taken for granted. As they cruise down the Interstate I wonder if they think that I will be there the next time they make that trip?

Don't take others for granted and if you do please don't tell them they are worth-less time to you. All you are saying is that they are worthless...

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