23 June 2012

The Law of Paradox

The Law of Paradox states that the only thing in life is change. The goal of our journey is the journey itself, rather then the destination. The Law requires us to look beyond appearances and to open ourselves to considering the greater possibilities of existence.

Oh that wonderful journey. It is the best part of life. Growing up all I heard and learned was about the destination. Looking back on it the destination was always about fame, money, and power. To have a high paying career. The whole destination was about appearances.

In my opinion, it really is a sad way to live a life. When the destination is the goal, is it even possible to truly enjoy the journey?

If I drive a brand new import car with all the bells and whistles and that was my destination... what journey was taken to get there? For me and the life I have had the journey would have been many years of hard work and a loan payment that would have ended up costing more then the car itself... three times over. What was so important with this destination? The appearance and nothing more.

When I was in college, what now seems like a lifetime ago, I wanted fortune and I wanted good times. Kind of like Charlie Sheen and that attitude of *winning*. When I dropped out of school I had an ass kicking stereo. A fourteen piece musical home that could be heard blocks away. I was also dealing drugs at the time.

To keep up the appearance I quit my day job, grew my hair long, and partied all night. Gave money away freely. I had reached my destination and it had the appearance of being cool and being hip. To keep up that appearance my behavior towards non-partying people grew cold. They weren't hip and they did nothing for my appearance.

Today, I enjoy the journey. What is the journey? To experience life and all that it has to offer. In 2010, my journey took me to England. The trip was amazing but the journey to get there was probably even more amazing.

I didn't have a passport. So first, I had to get my certified birth certificate, which led to hours of searching on the Internet and where to go to obtain it. With that done, I was able to get my passport. As I waited for that I began looking at airlines and the best way to not only get halfway across America, but also get across the pond to get to England.

So when I finally got to England did I reach my destination? No, not yet because it wasn't the destination of England I wanted. It was the experience of England I wanted. I wanted it so much that I returned there in 2011 and will be heading there again in 2012.

Why England? It's an experience I never dreamed of having which is part of the reason I wanted to experience it.

I used to say that I would never leave America on my journey because there is so much to see and experience here. Which is true. My journey has given me that experience. An experience that very few people can say they share. An experience that I don't care to experience anymore right now.

And to me that is the paradox. I want to continue my journey, physical and spiritual, but that journey isn't necessarily where I am at right now.

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