23 June 2012

Dreams That Are Now... Dreams

The Law of Paradox states that the only thing in life is change. The goal of our journey is the journey itself, rather then the destination. The Law requires us to look beyond appearances and to open ourselves to considering the greater possibilities of existence.

Dreams That Are Now Dreams 

I dreamed of the day I would leave my home
to make my way in this world
to start my own journey
yet... I didn't know where to begin

I was told to study... it was the only way to succeed
and I listened... at least for awhile
I thought it was my journey
my goal... my destination

it was a worthy goal
so why did I fight it?
It was a goal without a journey
a goal with no experience

spiritually dead... didn't know what to do
voices of the past fighting an internal war
I wanted a journey... I could call my own
a lifetime of experiences has given me my own journey

playing sports as a redneck... smoking pot as a hippie
driving cars... to hitch-hiking
living in homes... to living on the streets
alone in a crowd... comfortable being alone

a journey... a lifetime of experiences... all my own
sad memories... as well as pleasurable ones
grateful memories and shameful too
the good and bad... the painful and inspiring

even today the possibilities are endless
new journey's create new experiences
and what is the paradox?
The more things change... the more they stay the same

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