21 December 2011

Vacation.... and some work

After our trip to Liverpool I was pretty wiped out today, yet we did manage to get some things done as far as what I mentioned yesterday and everything is looking good and I think that everyone involved is quite excited by how this project could turn out.

That isn't the "work" I mention in the title though. I did some browsing tonight and ended up on a recovery message board and began reading a post. A man with over 20 years sobriety was dating a woman with under a year sobriety when they met.

The webstite "Stinkin' Thinkin'" talks about predators like this on their board and why many folks are turned off to AA. We go to AA to get well... it was never meant to be a dating service... and certainly old-timers should know the unwritten laws of the rooms and that is to leave those with under a year sobriety alone... let them work on themselves before even thinking about a date.

The fact is a person who is dating you with that short of a sobriety sees in you the person they saw when they drank... it is a major road to destruction.

And that is what happened... the person with under a year sobriety returned to drinking and is now near death. For the person with over 20 years sobriety... maybe it is time to realize it is OK to be on your own... recovery isn't about always being in a relationship with others... it is meantr to be in a constant relationship with your Higehr Power... if that is good the rest will follow...

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