20 December 2011

Back from Liverpool

Last year, I went to Liverpool and enjoyed it so much that we made a return trip. We ventured back down to Albert Dock and toured five museums in one. I learned a lot about Britian's history. One tour was with disasters in the water... of course some of it touched on the U-Boats during the wars... but I was blown away by a display on three different passenger ships... the most famous? The Titanic.

Another stop was the slavery museum and when I think of slavery I just think about America in the 1800's. Well, Europe had it before America and even after it.

Like I said, it was a wonderful adventure and a great day. Now for kind of the Higher Power stuff with my visit. One of the ship exhibits had the head masks from different ships from that time... one was from a English Schooner named the Beatrice...

On my last flight from Newark, NJ to Manchester, UK I sat next to two women from England who were returning home from a ten day visit to the States. Their last stop was Graceland. Well, last night, in Liverpool, the home of the Beatles, Karen and I went to and Elvis show. Don't laugh... it was an amazing show.

One of the last songs of the night wasn't an Elvis song, yet the performer was copying Elvis' show and in 1977 Elvis sometimes finished up with the song, "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. Well, that song is a mainstay for Iowa State football, they play it after a big win and usually before the start of the 4th quarter.

A really nice day of traveling and sight seeing and learning a bunch more about English history.

My last post I wrote about ther prospect of a business proposal and it is all looking good. Wednesday, the "T's" will be crossed and the "I's" will be dotted. And a new adventure and long held dream will become a reality. More news about this will be shared AFTER the new year.

Got an e-mail froma brother and a note from my daughter and this holiday season just looks filled with wonderful pleasures...

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