18 December 2011

Taking care of business...

Had a nice and relaxing Saturday. We went and listened to a band perform Christmas Caroles in Romiley and just had a nice stroll around town.

Romiley was the first town I really got to experience when I came here last year and I truly felt right at home there. You put the canal through Romiley and you'd have a perfect place to live and visit.

The canal's in England are still used today, but not for their original purpose. They are England's version of America's railroads. Canal's helped transport supplies from one part of the country to the other. Along the canals and the many streams and rivers you will find many mills... most of these mills were used in the production of cotton... you just don't think of England as a cotton producer.

Anyway, the canals are still used today, usually for narrow boats just traveling slowly along... a very peaceful sight.

Some thoughts on some words... words that both countries say the same yet spell a little differently... like an American car tire... is car tyre.

For photo it is foto... so following that thought phone is fone... yet telephone is spelt the same in both countries.

It is kind of interesting the suttle changes in our languages... last night I watched an old movie, Pay It Forward. I haven't seen that in a long long time and it was kind of interesting how much of it dealt with addiction and alcoholism, as well as growing up in an alcoholic home. And the whole idea of paying it forward is very much with the practice of the 12 Steps.

As far as taking care of business... I MIGHT have found a business prospect which has been a dream for a long long time... we shall see if it all pans out... if so it is another step for Creating Dreams

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