23 December 2011

Learning my ABC's

Last night, Karen and I were at the home of a business acquaintance and he asked how to spell "fazed." We came to that deduction when we spelled out phase and that wasn't the one.

Anyway, Karen started spelling it for him, F... A.... ZED.... E.... D... say what? I asked her to spell it again and after the third time I realized that my hearing wasn't all that bad, she was indeed saying "zed" for the letter Z.

She asked how we said it and I said Z... then she asked how we said C and I said C. That is how Zed came about... the same sounds of C and Z was how the differences came about.

As we were talking about it, I was asked how I say "Zebra," which I had to ask a couple of times what they wanted to know because they kept asking how I said Zedbra... they spelt it Zebra yet said it Zedbra...

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