24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

Birthday time for me!!! Have my birthday wishes and dreams come true? Aaaaaaah... can't say or they won't come true. *smiling*

I will say though that where I am now, not physically but rather mentally, is very much more desirable and it has filled me with peace.

I do wish I could pack in England in my back pocket and take it with me or it wasn't so far away. It isn't a trip that I can just take every other weekend... putting finances aside just the travel would be murder.

This time took me awhile to adjust to the time change and doinbg that every couple of weeks would have me spinning.

I'm ending my second week here today and it is going way to fast. And the idea of leaving this winter wonderland and its comfort to return to sub-zero temperatures with strong winds doesn't sound like fun at all...

Anyway, it is Saturday, time to quit looking at what lies ahead and instead enjoy the moment.

Hope everyone's Christmas Eve is enjoyable and safe...

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