25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

That is how it is said in America... while in England it is said "Happy Christmas." And maybe it is said in America, I just don't remember it or have heard it enough that Santa Claus is "Father Christmas."

Anyway, the last couple of days have been kind of quiet and restful... went to a Christmas Eve service at a Methodist Church and enjoyed it a lot and this morning I went to a Quaker Meeting... one thing was said at the Quaker Meeting that I truly enjoyed.

A gentleman talked about the creation story in the Bible and asked how many there were? He started with the creation of everything around us as the first one, then the creation of Adam and Eve as the second one and the third one goes from the Old Testament to John in the New Testament. That in the beginning was The Word.

A very profund thought... before anything is created, it is thought about and talked about and then it is created. It made sense I just never looked at it that way and making it personal it really hit home.

For me, I can't just make a cake or a pasta meal... first I think about it and talk about it in my mind... then the creation is made...

Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone...

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