10 July 2011

I Told You I Was Right

An event happened at my job that inspired this poem. There are times when you meet someone during your journey who is never wrong and even if it is proven they are wrong they still can't admit it. This poem was written for a lady who proved beyond a shadow of doubt that this person was wrong. Sadly, he still couldn't admit it. I wrote this as kind of a mythological story... making these folks a story for generations...

I Told You I Was Right

It was the second month - the ninth day
in the year of the gods
two thousand and six
a day that won’t die in memory
the earth didn’t shake
the sky didn’t split

The messenger delivered the news
and the gods rejoiced
they wondered when their woman
would stand and say
“I told you I was right!”
and a miracle proceeded to take place

Old stone turned to different shades of gray
she ran their machines
with the knowledge
that all was good
the stars and moon were aligned
all because she was right

And man took notice
within his bewildered mind
he knew she was right
but… he still thought
even though she is right
that doesn’t make me wrong!

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  1. Thoughts from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Flowing Brook 7/19/2006
    And it's true, we're all right and we're all wrong; this is true in the illusion...(I think you may have just insipired me), thanks Dave.

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 2/11/2006
    Women are always right...if you look at it on the brighter side!!

    Well writ my friend!!

    Love Tinka

    Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 2/11/2006
    Intriguing, interesting write; very well done, Dave!

    (((HUGS))) and much love, your friend in Tx., Karen Lynn. :)

    Reviewed by Chrissy McVay 2/11/2006
    Serious and comical at the same time...