17 July 2011

Dreaming of Dreams

I wrote this in 2005 on my way to work, at work, during breaks - throughout the day. In a "numb state" after finding out that my wife (now ex) would have her 12th(?) surgery in less then five years. In August 2004 she was in a car crash. I saw her in the ER, her left elbow was - gone. With the miracles of modern medicine her elbow was rebuilt and her arm saved - but the pain is still there. Part of it healed, while part didn't. She has a couple of bones just kind of "floating" around. This surgery will shorten her arm and hopefully stop the pain...

Through the years, the dream I never dreamt has changed, but it is still filled with peace and serenity...

Dreaming of Dreams

So many wonderful, magical dreams
people sharing, entering their private world
I want to share mine
but you see, it’s a little different

I dream of a dream I’ve never dreamt…
where prejudice and hate do not exist
where no one speaks of color
where all love is accepted at face value
not whether its ‘right’ or ‘wrong’

I dream of a dream I’ve never dreamt…
no need for guns or war
there are no borders
leaders don’t squabble
and people know no hate

I dream of a dream I’ve never dreamt…
where I eat at tables
with 100s of people
we leave content and happy
and no one goes hungry

I dream of a dream I’ve never dreamt…
where religion is not a word
and not a fuel for debate
where One God is accepted
being just and equal to all

I dream of a dream I’ve never dreamt…
where politicians do not exist
a world that isn’t divided
by promises said in a hurry
and rarely kept

I dream of a dream I’ve never dreamt…
where pain does not exist
cancer and other diseases
have no meaning
and we grow old with dignity

I dream of a dream I’ve never dreamt…
where preoccupation with money
is not a concern
neither for the wealthy or the poor
just enough to get by

I dream of this dream I’ve never dreamt…
and wonder will I experience it
in this lifetime…
or will it only be realized
after my death…


  1. Partial list of reviews from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Andy Turner (Reader) 6/1/2005
    Amen, to your dream, and thank God for the miracle of science. Here's hoping you little lady has no more pain to endure..

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 6/1/2005
    Awwww....sorry to hear about your wife...know that you are in my prayers my friend!! Heartfelt read!!

    Reviewed by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado 6/1/2005
    beautiful write; prayers to you and the wife! all the best to you both!

    Reviewed by Kate Clifford 6/1/2005
    Keep dreaming!!! If everyone became this dream it would become reality.

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 6/1/2005
    Dave,I believe we all have similar dreams Dave, but you expressed them so beautifully for us! Sadly I think we will only see your dreams in the next life. We have destroyed ourselves,unless something can change the path the youth are on it will only get worse. I see only more indifference to any godly precepts,as this present generation allows god to be erased from the culture. I pray I'm wrong, and I will keep your wife in prayer. Hopefully they can relieve the pain. Blessings to you and yours.

    Reviewed by Kate Burnside 6/1/2005
    Who knows WHAT will happen if the dreamers can keep dreaming and keep hope alive for the rest. I am sure that vision is a powerful guiding force in the course of events, giving purpose and meaning to action - otherwise action alone is futile. Keep dreaming, Dave, and sometime, somewhere, somehow surely things will evolve... time is linear, I believe, and not cyclical. There was a beginning and there will be an end - to all suffering and misery. Grace, peace, restoration and healing to both your wife and your part in this. Bless you both. LOL and prayers, Kate xx

    Reviewed by Mr. Ed 6/1/2005
    I hope you never give up on these marvelous dreams, Dave - and I hope your wife's pending surgery does much to relieve her pain. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

    Reviewed by George Carroll 6/1/2005
    It won't be found in this world, so look forward to the next. I hope your wife gets some relief in this new surgery. She is in my prayers.

    Reviewed by Sandie Angel 6/1/2005
    Much of the wars are started by the politicians. You have a wonderful dream here. I'm so sorry to learn about what had happened to your wife. It must have been very devastating. Take care.

    Reviewed by Andre Bendavi ben-YEHU 6/1/2005

    An outstanding composition. Impressive dream... It stimulates
    social responsibility through equity..."Dreaming of Dreams"...
    Emotions of realities creating dreams. May the light of health come to Your House, Poet!

  2. More comments from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Suzie Palmer 9/18/2005
    'where all love is accepted at face value not whether its ‘right’ or ‘wrong’...
    A beautiful poem/statement/prayer! You express the pleas of the many! May we work to make this dream come true... and love one person at a time! As Gandhi said 'Be the change you want to see in this world'!
    (When it comes to pain and diseases... may we have the strength to embrace with grace and dignity... learning about our true Selves! xox :-) With grace & love Suzie

    Reviewed by Huda Orfali 6/9/2005
    Amen to your dream, Dave
    Beautiful poem
    love and peace

    Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 6/7/2005
    a beautiful poem and dream worth keeping...may it be so. good luck on your wife's surgery...at least y'all have health insurance. (at least i hope you do.) i have to suffer...but i'll make it, too damn stubborn to give into it. (just one day without pain...just one day...would be so nice.)

    Reviewed by D May (Reader) 6/6/2005
    This is a real keeper. Allow us all to share your dream and maybe, jsut maybe, it can become a reality. This is truly a dream of all dreams. I will save this and read it often.

    Reviewed by Edward Lupinacci 6/4/2005
    Now this is a worthy dream
    one I would hope to become reality
    if man can only stop ego from controling his destiny

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 6/4/2005
    We are indeed very slow learners, Dave. Thank you for sharing your dream. Love and peace. Regis

    Reviewed by OnepoetGem * the Poetic Rapper 6/4/2005
    super Dave, great job, at least you poemed it. prayers for you and your family

    Reviewed by jude forese 6/3/2005
    you dream is embellished with dignity and grace ...

    i hope all goes well for you wife and her pain will soon become just a dream ...

    Reviewed by L. Figgins 6/1/2005
    Rest assured that we are evolving bro, and we are experiencing birthing pains at this moment. Many share the same dreams. Great write! My wishes to Betty for a speedy recovery and the end of pain...

    Reviewed by Janet Parker 6/1/2005
    I pray that your wife will recover soon. Your poem is well written and hopeful. I do believe that these are the hopes for heaven, not on this earth.