04 July 2011

Why Not Me?

Are we ever to old to not realize our dreams? To chase a goal from long ago? What's stopping us? You hear stories of people accomplishing wonderful things when they reach the middle of their lives. What is different between them and me?

Could it be the messages from long ago that stop me in my tracks? That maybe, I won't succeed. Is it worth risking failure? I think so. There is nothing wrong with failing if you are chasing your dreams.

When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb he was asked if after a thousand failures did he ever think of giving up. Edison said, he never failed, what he did was find a thousand ways that a light bulb wouldn't work.

Why Not Me?

I'm to old to do that
I have to many obligations
though... I still wonder
why not me?

Those dreams from long ago
did they die because of old messages
or did I kill them myself
with thoughts of failing

no one ever told me I was to old
so why do I believe it
some might say it's crazy
but I need to ask... why not me?

There isn't any honor in not trying
just fantasies of what might have been
illusions we carry through life
then on our death me we wonder 'what if?'
just by trying we succeed
so why not me?

Why not try... and be
the best me I can be
today the sun is shining
the world awaits
and the journey continues
I smile and with each step
I realize... why not me?

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