06 May 2011

That Daily Inventory

The Tenth Step of Coda states, "Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it."

That Daily Inventory

every day... I'll look within
and wash away every sin
every day... I'll admit my wrongs
24 hours won't be so long

every night... I'll pray
give me strength for a new day
every night... I'll receive some rest
starting a new day feeling blessed

every morning the sun will rise
I'll cherish it... as a wonderful prize
every morning on my knees
I’ll ask for courage... please

I’ll listen to the sages
that were always there
but never acknowledged
and I’ll be humbled

I’ll share my story
so history… may not repeat itself
yet the past won’t be forgotten
just forgiven

the dysfunctional tragedies are gone
now it’s the small things
that occupy my inventory
and the goals of being free

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  1. Comments from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Gwen Dickerson 10/11/2008
    Great inspirings plan, Dave! May your goals be successfully accomplished!
    Reviewed by Elizabeth Price 10/11/2008
    Good insight. Great write. Liz
    Reviewed by Mary Lacey 10/11/2008

    Such words of wisdom, and trying to improve oneself by realizing their own faults. We've all done this, and can learn from this piece.