08 May 2019

Our Heroes

a nasty word which brings fear and fright
involving many sleepless nights
a word we never wanted to say
we wished it would just go away
but when it wouldn’t leave
it was then… we realized the gift we received

your strength was easy to see
it gave courage to everyone… including me
analysing every surgery… every test
so many sleepless nights… so little rest
we looked behind every door
but answers came when we prayed to our Lord

the reality is… you’re a survivor…
with the fight to live
using all available gifts God would give
you’re our heroes we say with pride
thankful… to walk by your side
tonight we celebrate and honor you
and remember everything you’ve been through

as children we fantasized about being
Superman… Captain Marvel,
The Green Hornet, or
maybe even the Karate Kid,
but for everything they accomplished
it’s nothing compared to what you did

showing us the battle against cancer
could be won
and our time together was far from done
the Bruce Wayne’s and Clark Kent’s
will come and go
but you have shown us…
there are real life heroes

This poem is part of the Purple Power CD

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