11 May 2019


I wrote this poem in memory of a lady I met through my ex-wife.  She battled breast cancer for eight years.  Every time she thought she had it kicked, it came back stronger... but she kept fighting until sadly she surrendered and left this world.  To me she was an inspiration as to what people will do for not only themselves but their family and friends.

Some new faces,
While some are no longer here.
Others - seen many times before.
Tonight, we'll forget our fears!
For a little while, we'll forget time.
Relay For Life, will occupy our mind.
For a little while, we'll forget the tragedies.
A celebration! Is all everyone will see.

With the first lap,
Caretakers and friends,
Relive the fight.
Survivors get cheers from everyone.
Memories of surgeries and chemo,
Still fresh in our sight.
And we realize, the battle,
Is still not done.

This war has claimed many lives.
We'll never forget,
The ones who came before.
It was their strength,
That opened new doors.
Their fight, made us a little stronger.
And we'll wait... together...
For a cure...
A little longer...

This poem is on the Purple Power CD

10 May 2019

Physical Scars

 Having went through the therapy of mouth cancer, parts of my mouth went through hell.  My neck was burnt red from radiation, my tongue felt like it would break in two, and my teeth starting falling out shortly after completion.  It was the loss of my teeth that damaged my confidence more than anything else...

If you try to see who I am
your eyes can deceive
cancer has disfigured my body
you try to understand
how chemo made me ill
you have empathy
seeing the burns from radiation
while you may have sympathy
you try not to gaze…
at a head… with no hair…

You don’t see my soul
it’s OK, I understand
I live in fear…
of every cough, sniffle, and pain
you can’t see how I strive
to be independent
never a burden
cancer did a lot of things to me
but it didn’t steal
my dignity or grace
it didn’t steal my love
for my children or my spouse
cancer may have changed me
but it will never own me

This poem is part of the Purple Power CD

09 May 2019

One Simple Test

the doctor said it would just be a simple test
but it ended… in a day of nervousness
an x-ray would show a mass
doctor wanted a biopsy… real fast
now it was a waiting game
but in an eerie silence… we knew
our lives would never be the same

at home… our love and courage was strong
which made the wait for that call…
not seem so long
after a week… the phone call finally arrived
we headed to the clinic… what a long drive
outside… it was a beautiful day
but in that office it seemed dreary and gray

that room was so quiet…
you could hear a pin drop
when he finally entered… I felt my heart stop
he sat down next to me and my wife
and with his words… I shook and saw our life
“I’m sorry, it’s cancer,” he would say
I didn’t know whether to cry or run away

he talked of our future plans
where surgery… would be our line in the sand
after recovery we’d start our attack
chemo would begin pushing cancer back
but we were far from done
radiation… would burn those final cells
before they could run

this cancer battle started with a simple test
when diagnosed… I felt blessed
it was a gift my wife gave our family
to start these tests at age 40
I’m thankful she decided to have them done
I know now… the war against cancer
can be won

This poem is part of the Purple Power CD

08 May 2019

Our Heroes

a nasty word which brings fear and fright
involving many sleepless nights
a word we never wanted to say
we wished it would just go away
but when it wouldn’t leave
it was then… we realized the gift we received

your strength was easy to see
it gave courage to everyone… including me
analysing every surgery… every test
so many sleepless nights… so little rest
we looked behind every door
but answers came when we prayed to our Lord

the reality is… you’re a survivor…
with the fight to live
using all available gifts God would give
you’re our heroes we say with pride
thankful… to walk by your side
tonight we celebrate and honor you
and remember everything you’ve been through

as children we fantasized about being
Superman… Captain Marvel,
The Green Hornet, or
maybe even the Karate Kid,
but for everything they accomplished
it’s nothing compared to what you did

showing us the battle against cancer
could be won
and our time together was far from done
the Bruce Wayne’s and Clark Kent’s
will come and go
but you have shown us…
there are real life heroes

This poem is part of the Purple Power CD

07 May 2019

Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back

let's celebrate... it's your time
you're proof things can turn out fine
chemo made you weak and frail
but you didn't quit... you didn't fail
we celebrate and honour you
your determination carried us through

let's remember...
those that have been called home
they're with us today... we're never alone
memories... when you were under the weather
as well as the great times we spent together
thinking of things we used to do
through our tears... we really miss you

let's fight back... the war is far from done
but there's hope... cancer's on the run
visions of a cure... are looking great
we're seeing increases in survival rates
what a beautiful world I hope we see
everyone living cancer free

we'll celebrate... remember... and fight back
we'll laugh... cry... and stay on the attack
your courage is what we'll see
your strength set us free
we know now... this war can be won
and our time together... is far from done

05 May 2019

What Lies Within

No matter what our past is littered with or what our regrets are, it is what lies within that can fill our hearts and souls with love, peace, and serenity...

seeing the beauty of what lies within
a wonderful gift... given freely
to create... a song
thoughts flowing freely
in a dream like state
visualizing every image

deep in the soul are the words
that make a poem come alive
expressions flow freely
the pen scribbles thoughts
thoughts from dreams
dreams from another world

a world that is seen only by one
visions of love and empathy
thoughts that could never be spoken
fantasies of peace and serenity
that others couldn't comprehend
yet... it didn't matter

in song or in verse
the illusions came alive
the soul was shown
to all that listened
with the fantasy
that someday...
the illusion would be reality

Strength Came From God Above

like it happened yesterday
the anxiety never seems to go away
every cough ... every pain ...
the worries can drive you insane

but early on I seen our love
and strength came from God above
by each others side we'll stay
a commitment we make every day

cancer tried to destroy you and me
but it back fired ...
instead it set us free
we became free to explore
and we were able to open
unimaginable doors

we looked fear in the eye
shedding tears we often cried
seen more then one doctor and nurse
and more then once
just wanted ... to scream and curse

cancer entered our life
but it's not who we are
we still dream and reach for the stars
cancer is with us every day
but it won't steal our goals
we refuse to give it the final say

we'll live for today and do our best
we see life is special
and we've been blessed
living for today
has granted us a tomorrow
we'll live life with joy ... not sorrow

yes cancer has affected you and me
but that's not what others will see
we'll continue to pray for a cure
but until that time
we'll live life
and close no doors

This poem is available on the Purple Power CD