09 May 2019

One Simple Test

the doctor said it would just be a simple test
but it ended… in a day of nervousness
an x-ray would show a mass
doctor wanted a biopsy… real fast
now it was a waiting game
but in an eerie silence… we knew
our lives would never be the same

at home… our love and courage was strong
which made the wait for that call…
not seem so long
after a week… the phone call finally arrived
we headed to the clinic… what a long drive
outside… it was a beautiful day
but in that office it seemed dreary and gray

that room was so quiet…
you could hear a pin drop
when he finally entered… I felt my heart stop
he sat down next to me and my wife
and with his words… I shook and saw our life
“I’m sorry, it’s cancer,” he would say
I didn’t know whether to cry or run away

he talked of our future plans
where surgery… would be our line in the sand
after recovery we’d start our attack
chemo would begin pushing cancer back
but we were far from done
radiation… would burn those final cells
before they could run

this cancer battle started with a simple test
when diagnosed… I felt blessed
it was a gift my wife gave our family
to start these tests at age 40
I’m thankful she decided to have them done
I know now… the war against cancer
can be won

This poem is part of the Purple Power CD

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