07 May 2019

Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back

let's celebrate... it's your time
you're proof things can turn out fine
chemo made you weak and frail
but you didn't quit... you didn't fail
we celebrate and honour you
your determination carried us through

let's remember...
those that have been called home
they're with us today... we're never alone
memories... when you were under the weather
as well as the great times we spent together
thinking of things we used to do
through our tears... we really miss you

let's fight back... the war is far from done
but there's hope... cancer's on the run
visions of a cure... are looking great
we're seeing increases in survival rates
what a beautiful world I hope we see
everyone living cancer free

we'll celebrate... remember... and fight back
we'll laugh... cry... and stay on the attack
your courage is what we'll see
your strength set us free
we know now... this war can be won
and our time together... is far from done

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