22 November 2015

Fear In The Air

An adventure begins as an illusion in the mind
at a young age a path is set, unable to change
pre-determined destinies enforced by messages received

A child is born to roam this land, enjoying a life of mystery
oil, power, and greed have destroyed Mother Earth
skills our ancestors knew, are long forgotten

No longer co-existing a world is conquered
submission to the gluttony of man
addictions shared with no shame

Caribou living on borrowed time
little monarchs trying to flutter their wings
eagles no longer fly with pride and grace

Freedom is the price we pay
death is a causality of this machine
domination is the nuclear option

Needs are fulfilled for the present
a future, left in shambles
a past best forgotten

An illusion of peace and serenity
contented with blinders on
its fixed for today

Someday we’ll wake up
our children and grandchildren will despise us
their home, their earth destroyed…

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