22 November 2015

Why Not?

Written in 2007, this poem really questions my own thoughts of what is and what is not.  As I grow more mature, I realize I'm not a bleeding heart liberal that wants peace at any cost.  Nor am I so conservative that I think that an extremist is tied to a specific religion.  I really struggled with finding a permanent home for this poem.  But I do like the questions.  

if we question why
why can’t we question
why not? 

if we question peace
why not question war?
if we question life
why not question death?
if we question hate
why not question love?

to accept the unacceptable
to believe the unbelievable
to forgive the unforgivable
to share thoughts with spirits
and leave this world behind

if we question Mohammad
why not question Jesus?
if we question prophets
why not question God?
if we question Judaism
why not question Christianity?

why question at all
accepting why not
that we are different
we share the same air
we bleed the same blood
we feel the same pain

do we need to question love
do we need to question peace
why not accept God’s love
we’d all feel the peace
and the sanity to realize
why not?

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