01 February 2013

2012... pain free, debt free

As the end of 2012 approached, I couldn't wait for it to get here. I had a good year. It was a long year... yet a good one. By long I mean physically and mentally draining.

Physically, 2011 was painful. I was in so much pain that the work I have done this year, I couldn't have done. It is amazing how our Higher Powers protect us and give us what we need when we need it. Last year I worked with a guy who covered for me more then once. He knew I was in pain and never complained. He did his work as well as some of mine. I felt guilty about it but, physically, I wasn't worth much.

What changed for me happened on my trip to England. The people I visit there are firm believers in back swings (inversion tables.) Withing three days my back wasn't hurting, the numbness in my leg was gone and I was walking without a limp. I spent the next two weeks spending time on the back swing and convinced of its healing power. I ordered one before I headed back to the States and had it here shortly after my arrival.

That back swing helped make this year more enjoyable. Instead of worrying about pain, I was able to concentrate on my work and my goals. One of the people I visit in England came to visit me this summer and it helped me have a “mini-vacation” right here. With that visit, I was able to see in my mind that I wanted to go back to England again.

With that visit and having no pain I began working on some goals I have had since my divorce three years ago. At the top of that list was getting out of debt. This was a goal when I became a bachelor that I never dreamed would ever be achieved. I was so far in debt that I thought bankruptcy was the only way out.

I gave it a try though and cut my expenses so radically and began living a very simple life and in October the goal was realized. I am debt free. I believe it happened because I was no longer physically in pain.

Without that physical pain I was able to open my mind to the possibilities of what else I could achieve. I went back to school and got my certification as an NLP Master Practitioner, a Life Coach, and a Hypnotist. This trifecta works so well with 12 Step programs, that I feel truly blessed that I still have a mind to understand it and comprehend it all.

So what's next? More dreams. The thing I have learned about dreams is that if I just keep thinking about them... dreaming about them... they will become reality if I stay out of the way. If I make plans for these dreams, I just get in the way and delayed the process... so I'll just dream.

Sound crazy? Not at all. By just dreaming I have been to England two times and soon will be leaving for a third visit. By dreaming I have spoken to crowds up to a thousand people and have spoken to classes at a University. By dreaming, the CD 12 was created.

There is a lot of power in dreams. It is something we learn as children and along the way, we begin to think they are silly and forget about them. Be a child again and dream.

Thank God the physical pain left so the dreams could return...

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