14 December 2012

Off to England!!!

Holiday 2012-13 is starting!!! It has been a long yet productive year and I am more then ready for some rest and relaxation.  Will do some sight seeing but mostly just enjoying good company.  Now it's time for me to start getting my English language back.

Where fries are chips and chips are crisps.  And a biscuit is a cookie.  Jam is jelly and jelly is jello.  Are you confused yet? LOL.

Also some minor changes in spelling phone becomes fone.  A photo is a foto.  And a car tire is actually a tyre.  Speaking of tires, (or is it tyres?) well the big ones that we see on semi's are on lorry's.

Anyway, a long day starts at 9:30 with my first flight and will end across the pond at 7:45 AM Saturday morning.

Odd little updates will also be available on twitter

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