09 December 2012

A Reflection of Life

A different type of Christmas poem... one written by a man who was once homeless and addicted to alcohol and drugs. So grateful for a second chance at life...

A Reflection Of Life

 guidance came from above
in the form of an infant
just a child…
but from that baby
came hope

hope for peace
hope for love
a communion began
with thoughts of
brothers… and sisters
sharing… and living
as one family

this little baby
had a vision for all of us
a life of growth…
always willing to learn
always willing to teach
always willing

the story of that birth
has been past on for generations
still filled with love… not hate
a view of hope… not despair
He smiles… having patience
and understanding…
on His birthday…
His gift… is a welcome...
when we all come home

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