15 December 2012

I made it

Wrote this over the Atlantic... according to the plane's GPS... south of Greenland...

35,000 feet somewhere flying along the Canadian border getting ready to start the journey across the pond. It is a really nice and relaxing feeling knowing that this flight is it. No third flight. Excellent. Been having a nice day... yet I continue to learn about people and their odd behaviors. And the patience of the people who wait on these fools.

Got to the airport plenty early this morning and did the airport routine... went through security, then sat and waited for a bit... then on the plane we went. A small plane that was packed. As we prepared to pull away from the terminal, the stewardess asked a person behind me to put his carry on case under4 the seat in front of him. He couldn't do it. He began taking things out of it until finally he was able to do so.

The whole time he's bad mouthing the stewardess and the whole time she kept her cool. I was getting to the point of turning around and adding my two cents when this dickhead said, “What difference does it matter? If we crash we're all dead anyway.”

Sorry for my language but a comment like that deserves being called a name. Anyway we made it to Chicago in good time and I had a good long layover, I say good because I had no need to rush through the airport.

Again, sitting there, I observed people. It is amazing what some folks will wear on an airplane. One gal in her early 20's dressed like Daisy Duke... it's just a very low class of travelers that I don't remember from years ago. People in pajamas. Come on, let's get real.

I don't travel much by plane... but when I do, I want to look good... I want to look presentable and I want others to be the same way.

Oh wow, starting to vent here. LOL. Getting tired, I guess... I has been a long day and I still have about four more hours of flying.

When we do finally arrive, my body will be saying it's 1:30 in the morning... but the sun in England will tell me it's 7:30 in the morning and it's time to wake up.

Can't wait to get there... and then the holiday will be here.

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